This Blog is moving to a self host blog..

Well the time has come to say good bye to my blogspot travel blog

I have been a blogger with a personal blog Fun Lilliy for near two years now and had enjoyed being hosted by blogspot. Blogger has a great layout that is easy to use and adding HTML and sidebar widgets was straightforward and easy. My personal blog was really mostly just a way to express my random thoughts and observation regarding entrainment, news, women issues, and my travels. Slowly I noticed that I was more interested into travel blogging as I love to share my photos and videos like I myself enjoy reading other travelers blogs and websites. I wanted to contribute my two cents in it and as an experiment I started this travel oriented blog. I enjoyed it immensely and more so I enjoyed learning from other travel blogs.

I noticed that most of the blogs I am reading were self hosted and have better features that you can really customize. I read several advices from other blogs about blogging that if you want to be taken a bet of a more serious travel blogger you need to self host. Now still to say I am still learning and a bet of an HTML handy capped but I found a web host, publishing platform and free theme that has good support and layout that I really enjoy making it my own.

This will be my last post here on this blog and starting with my next post it will be on Travel Sights with Lilliy. I hope to see you there as this is the end of this blog and the beginning of a new page in my travel blogging on my new self hosted site.


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I have a passion for traveling and wanting to see the world.. I can spend hours on the web planning my dream vacation and looking up places that I want to go and experience their culture .. When I am actually planning a trip for leisure or for work that’s when the excitement begins and I become alive.. I have a long list of the places I want to see in my lifetime.. and I am hoping that I can fulfill that dream in my life journey.

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I am trying to learn Turkish one day at a time one phrase at a time..
Every day I will post a new phrase at the end of my post. Lets see how much I will learn.