Travel Photo: Stone remains of the basilica "The Lamb of God"

Continuing with my Aya sofia photo series.
Quote from Wikipedia:

"Several marble blocks from this second church have survived to the present day,
and they are displayed in the garden of the current (third) church. The blocks
were originally part of a monumental front entrance; they were excavated in the
western courtyard by A.M. Schneider in 1935. The relief depicting 12 lambs — 12
apostles as well as other remains of this church were discovered during
excavation works in 1935. In order not to harm the present Hagia Sophia
building, further excavation works were not carried out."

Turkish Phrase of The day:
Burasi cok guzel bir sehir / boorase choke goozel beer sheheer =This is a great city.


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