Where are you going? Cirali?

Like all my ideas when I travel , most of the time the idea to go to a place just hits me.. some ideas of travel were always in the back my mind like wanting to go to attend new years eve in London (I just think it would be amazing don't ask me why) and some ideas like Cirali come out of no where..

I was looking into booking my trip from Jeddah to Ottawa for work. I wanted to go through Istanbul (for privet reasons) and when I am done with Ottawa heading back I wanted a week to relax.. my traveling feet to discover a new place was itching away.. I had two short trips to Istanbul and they were amazing (I will write about them in details later).. but I haven't had enough of this enchanting country yet.. its vivid with history and its mystical.. I had heard from a friend a while ago how nice Antalya was.. so I though well lets look into flights to Antalya from Istanbul.. and there it was, because I was booking early they had cheap seats back and forth.. Sold! I am going to Antalya for few days on the beach enjoying the sun would not hurt.. I wont forget the sunscreen.. I cant tan because I am a dermatologist and I know how bad it is for you.. no early wrinkles for me..

Few days later.. its time to look for a place to stay.. ahhh.. many many all inclusive resorts.. nooooo way.. boutique hotels.. not directly on the beach its in the old city part of Kaleiçi.. hmmm... but I wanted sun and beach to lie under an umbrella and be mesmerized with the turquoise Mediterranean sea.. but not in replicas of resorts that look the same anywhere in the world ( Dubai.. Sharm Al-Shaikh..) all man made cookie cut fun.. don't get me wrong.. some places which I also enjoy like Las Vegas and Orlando are like that.. but not my image of Turkey and The Turkish Riviera that is so ancient and romantic.. it has Tursus where Cleopatra first meet with Mark Antony..... No! No! No!.. look more..
To be continued...


Getty72 May 18, 2009 at 4:03 PM  

I am so jealous! I have been to Istanbul on numerous occasions with my job, but each time I stayed in Taksim Square and travelled to work by minibus early in the morning and arrived back late at night, so I never got to see any of the sites. However, I am really enjoying seeing them through your blog. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us :o) You have a wonderful blog!!!!!

Lilliy May 18, 2009 at 7:37 PM  

@Getty72 Oh you just have to see the sights next time you are there just stay one extra day and stay at the Sultanhmet district.. some say its a tourist trap but I think its necessary when you want to see all the sights and most of these Boutique Hotels are just Charming... Istanbul is really historical and you feel that when you walk around it went through a lot especially because of its location… but you really can finish all the important sights in one day and then just get on “the hop on hop off bus” from the center and go see the Dolmabahce palace (too bad it was close on the day of the bus tour so I haven’t seen it yet).. The best guide for me really was “the lonely planet Istanbul Encounter Guide“ it was written by a lady that just loved Istanbul and stayed a year there… it really was informative with a map too…
And thank you for the kind words… I have been a fan of your blog for almost 2 years now… I always pop in to it from time to time…

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