Travel Photo: Hagia Sofia Empress Zoe mosaics

Aya sofia or Hagia Sofia is so filled with history every corner represents a certain era displayed on its walls and architecture as you can see in this photo the art dated to 11th century
Quoted from Wikipedia:

"The Empress Zoe mosaics on the eastern wall of the southern gallery date from
the 11th century. Christ Pantocrator, clad in the dark blue robe (as always the
custom in Byzantine art), is seated in the middle against a golden background,
giving His blessing with the right hand and holding the Bible in His left hand.
On either side of His head are the monograms IC and XC, meaning Iēsous Khristos.
He is flanked by Constantine IX Monomachus and Empress Zoe, both in ceremonial
costumes. He is offering a purse, as symbol of the donation he made to the
church, while she is holding a scroll, symbol of the donations she made. The
inscription over the head of the emperor says : "Constantine, pious emperor in
Christ the God, king of the Romans, Monomachus". The inscription over the head
of the empress reads as follows : "Zoë, the very pious Augusta". The previous
heads have been scraped off and replaced by the three present ones. Perhaps the
earlier mosaic showed her first husband Romanus III Argyrus or her adopted son
Michael IV. Another theory is that these mosaics were made for an earlier
emperor and empress, with their heads changed into the present ones. "

Turkish phrase of the day:
Burada mi yasiyorsunuz? / boorada ma yashi-yorsnooze? = Do you live here?

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What a stunning photo, Lilliy! My friend just returned from Istanbul having lost her camera, the poor thing -- so thank you for helping me see all the beautiful details she's been talking about for the past week. I'll send her by here, as well, so she can re-live it all in color. Good luck on your Turkish adventure!

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