Self hosting a blog made me cry..

I have read so much about how important it is to self host. I have been a blogger (on my personal blog) for 2 years now with hosted by them and its so easy to use all their tools. All I have to do is copy and paste when ever I want to add a side bar or an adSense and it takes minutes. I get to enjoy blogging and just concentrate on my posts. There are many great templates that you can use. I use my flickr account to post my photos to my blog. YouTube for my videos. All I have to do is click, edit, write, post, and bam its on the web. I am NOT an HTML savy or Tech savy and I do not enjoy spending hours and hours in front of the computer not creating but trying to figure out how I can place a theme on what is now (which I already regret the 70 dollars I paid on ------ 10 dollars of it double charged for a service and till now no answer to be refunded for the double charge 2 days ago) my self hosted site that till looks like this.
The many many many hours I have spent and what looks like I will spend some more which I am not looking forward to and is not enjoyment to me. I loved blogging it was where I can express myself having forcefully learn what still I cant understand made me hate my new site already. Here I am back to my easy tech blog that I really enjoy, thinking so whats so bad about being hosted. Life is about enjoyment and I don't enjoy self hosting at all. The other thing about self hosting is that you have to put your hand in your pocket always to get this and get that.
I wanted to switch this blog to a self hosted blog but looks like with the agony that comes with self hosting I rather not suffer that much anymore and just get back to enjoy blogging at my home again

I Finally had a breakthrough. The support group in my website hosting site helped me step by step within a reasonable time frame, Till I was able to install first WordPress properly and then the themes for wordpress on my control panel on my website host, and then applying it to WordPress site server to be able to run it. I finally found a theme that I really liked with great support from the designer too. It is functioning smoothly and I can add ( by copy and paste my html wedgites) without getting into the code. Its running like this blog a bet still some restrictions but its giving me the functions I need.


Dave and Deb May 25, 2009 at 6:16 AM  

Stick with it Lilliy. We use wordpress and love it. Soon you will figure it out and find it to be very easy to change themes, add in your adsense etc. My husband Dave is really good with that stuff, so if you have any questions that you can't find the answers to, let us know. Maybe we can help. Good luck! Deb

Lilliy May 25, 2009 at 6:19 PM  

Thank you for the encouragement and the offer. I did read before I thought about self hosting that its a learning curve once you get over the heap it gets better. I just never liked getting into the code and try to change it. Its confusing to me. But I have to say the support group are good and I explained to them that I am not good in getting into codes and things so they send me step by step emails till what I need to get fixed gets fixed, I am relieved now. I guess its like your first day at work you don't know where every thing is and its a new lingo once you learn it you start enjoying it.

Deidra June 1, 2009 at 3:01 PM  

Each time I figure out something new in my wordpress or figure out how to fix another issue my site is having I feel this great sense of accomplishment! Stick to it. What you have so far on your self host is looking great!

Carrie June 3, 2009 at 3:09 AM  


Don't lose faith. It's difficult to get started, but I promise you will learn quickly and the rewards will more than make up for it. It took me a couple of months to get things going on My Several Worlds, but when you finally get it finished you'll wonder why you ever bothered with blogspot!

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